Etudiant international


Mobilité Erasmus noir et blanc

Give your education an international dimension


A stay abroad is always a very  enriching experience for incoming exchange students and those wishing to continue their course of  study at our university.  You may be wondering about how to prepare for it, how to complete the administrative formalities, and how to find your bearings in this new environment in terms of housing, adapting to university life in a new country, language learning, etc.  The University of Liege has put in place a series of structures to help make your stay a pleasant one.


You are studying abroad and have chosen to do part of your program at ULg or are about to do so?


We thank you for your trust.  Liège amply deserves its reputation for hospitality and you will soon fall in love with its history, culture, and dynamism, all of  which make themselves felt at our university.  


You are a ULg student planning a stay at a foreign institution?


One of our priorities is to open ourselves up to the world and we will do our upmost to help make your stay abroad a successful one. 

This website will guide you through all the stages of your stay.   



(Future) Graduate of a foreign institution  Exchange student from another institution (IN) Exchange student from ULg (OUT)      


 Follow the guide...


Here is all the information you need


Here is all the information you need 






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